Monday, February 15, 2021

High Rise (1972)

From time to time, about 10 or 15 minutes into an adult film, it'll occur to me that what I'm watching would be a good flick to recommend to someone curious about why I'm so interested in porn made before, oh, 1984. Or even, given the right circumstances, throw on while having drinks with friends. High Rise definitely fits the bill.

The carnal education of a sexual naif and/or rekindling the heat in a dead bedroom are well-worn tropes of porn. High Rise puts a fun twist on it by having main character Susie's (Tamie Trevor) "fresh, novel sexual experiences" - a part of her therapist-prescribed "fast course in practical sexual stimulation" - set up as a series of titled vignettes, all occurring in the same high rise apartment building.

The soundtrack slaps, the scenes are visually interesting, the fourth wall is broken periodically, giving the film a lightly surreal, psychedelic flavor, and there's a cheeky twist at the end. Trevor is super sexy and charismatic as Susie. It's a real shame she had such a limited filmography (only four films, two in non-sex roles).

The hardcore scenes are fine. Notably, there's not a money shot to be found, a pro or a con depending on one's appreciation for ejaculate. My only quibble is that the three-way montage and the orgy scene are about 20% too long which end up wearing out otherwise remarkable editing.

Rimmer says:

[U]nderlying all the vignettes is a sophisticated sense of humor.


I really, really enjoyed High Rise and would love for it to get a Vinegar Syndrome restoration. I'm giving the film an enthusiastic CC5!

° Another Marc Stevens appearance, another scene in which he struggles to get - forget maintain - an erection.

° If my review doesn't sell you on seeing the film, reading the excellent piece The Rialto Report put together should do it. Among lots of fascinating information, it sheds some light on why Tamie Trevor's career was so short. Basically, she was nuts.


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