Sunday, May 31, 2020

Don't Call It a Comeback

Or do.

Either way, after a looong time away, I've decided to dust off this ol' blog of mine.

Inspired in part by Tom Breihan's "The Number Ones" column at Stereogum, I'm going to watch and review the films Robert Rimmer deemed "Collector's Choice" in his book X-Rated Videotape Guide, which will make the entries, in a way, a review of his book. I anticipate using resources of the peerless site, The Rialto Report, to look at the films and the people that made them in a more general way.

I know I don't have the dedication, drive, or investigatory spirit to break any new stories, but I hope this will be an entertaining venture, at any rate.

I couldn't decide whether to approach the list chronologically or alphabetically, so I decided to do neither and instead use a random number app to choose for me. The all-knowing app has decided that the first film up iiiiis:

I'd like to do at least one of these per week, but consider it's been nearly eight years since I posted, if I get this one up by the end of June, I'd consider it a grand success.