Friday, May 1, 2009

Sooooo lazy....

It's been, what, two and a half months since my last post? Yikes. Well, in that time, I've started another review - Natural Lamporn's Frat House - and have seen a handful of flicks. After discovering a few new blogs in the past few days, I found a new reserve of motivation, and vow to get the new review up by weekends' end.

And from there, I'm going to try to post something twice or thrice a week including one review.

Possibly a tall order - given my lackluster commitment thus far - but you can't get anything done without trying.


  1. Frat House was one of the first classic porn movies I saw, and I remember loving it. Looking forward to your review!

  2. You've got me all psyched up to start back watching some of the classic porns of the past. Look forward to your future reviews.